DxO ViewPoint 3.3.0 Build 4 Full Patch

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DxO ViewPoint 3.3.0 Build 4 is a program for correcting distorted elements at the edges of photos, as well as correcting keystone distortion and other perspective problems. Based on DxO Labs’ geometric correction technology, DxO ViewPoint makes it easy and efficient to restore the natural proportions of objects in an image as an integral part of your workflow.

DxO ViewPoint combines ease of use with professional and accurate performance to help you easily correct geometrically distorted photos. The app can make some adjustments so that the elements in your photos are returned to their original proportions. The Loupe tool allows you to place anchor points accurately to solve problems with trapezoids and oblique horizons.

Advanced features of DxO ViewPoint:

  • Making buildings collapse again
    recreate the original shape of the building. The converging vertical and horizontal lines are re-aligned, the unnatural appearance of the facade will restore its normal appearance. This feature allows you to restore the natural look of your city’s landscapes, architecture and photography.
  • Restores the object’s natural proportions
    restore natural proportions of people at the edges of photos in one click. DxO ViewPoint automatically corrects long faces or distorted body shapes that can occur when shooting with wide-angle lenses (a phenomenon known as “volume anamorphosis”). This feature, exclusive to DxO Labs and tailored to specific needs, is especially useful for group or wedding photography.
  • Your image will be fixed in a few clicks
    traces of the lines you want to correct: The Keystone Correction Tool allows you to correct your photos in seconds! Easily define straight lines to restore precise shapes from the most complex shapes, and enjoy unprecedented results for your entire photo in one click. Use the magnifying glass tool to precisely place anchor points: fine-tune the sliders at all zoom levels to help you achieve the best fix.
  • Choose the option that best suits your needs
    Enjoy the 3-in-1 DxO Point of View! You can use DxO ViewPoint as a standalone application, as a Photoshop plugin, as a Lightroom plugin, and as an Aperture plugin simultaneously. Instantly apply corrections to your photos using a separate app. Launch the program, open the photo you want to edit, and make edits in a few clicks!
  • Horizon level regardless of shooting conditions
    Restore balance and credibility to your photos by straightening an accidentally tilted horizon. Natural visual cues are brought back into place and your eyes can once again enjoy an image with a properly aligned horizon line. Instead, you can use this tool to creatively change the orientation of the horizon for a dynamic or soothing effect, according to your taste.
  • Fine-tune the camera position
    Practically shifts the angle at which you take your photo. The POV shift tool allows you to change the shooting angle so that it really matches the image you want to take. You can move the camera vertically or horizontally – a real plus for achieving precise effects.
  • Maximum visible field after correction
    Maintain the maximum visible margin of your photo, regardless of the adjustments you apply. Keystone Correction, Straighten Horizon, Shift Angle of View: The auto crop function systematically optimizes the visible area. DxO Labs Exclusive.
  • Picture perfect and clear from center to edge
    Give harmonious proportions to the subjects in your group or wedding photos taken with a wide-angle lens. Use the Anamorphosis volume tool to automatically correct distortion at the edges of the image. All the items in your photos will look properly balanced and sleek.
  • additional information
    The most interesting part is that it automatically corrects projection distortion, which is very annoying when shooting at wide angles. For example, from the egg-shaped head that fell on the edge of the frame, the head turned into a normal one, the walls stretched on the sides and the windows also shrank. The plug-in fetches distortion data from EXIF ​​- focal length and optics used. Fine adjustment can be done manually. Of course, it corrects horizons, line blockages and distortions and other geometries.

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