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Hetman Internet Spy 3.3 is a program for analyzing the contents of existing and deleted system files from web browsers and collecting detailed information about the history of user behavior on the Internet. The utility provides the ability to analyze site history, correspondence of other people on social networks, search history, emails, videos watched on YouTube, etc.

The intuitive language interface allows you to use Internet spying both for parents at home to control children, and forensic investigators when working with digital evidence. The product will provide information even if the browser history has been deleted, data has been deleted, or the drive has been formatted.

Advanced features of Hetman Internet Spy:

  • Use case
    If you decide to delete your search, browsing, or other activity history on the Internet that you’ve done in the past, then don’t expect it to be deleted forever. The search history can be easily read and, if necessary, restored.
  • Displays a list of open pages
    Open URL history is collected from system resources, date of reading, total number of visits, and time spent on introduction is displayed. For ease of analysis, all sites are divided into categories, and you can filter or sort by any parameter.
  • Analyzing human behavior on social networks
    Communication in social networks also leaves its mark on the system. A separate section displays the URL used for the communication account, and the people you interacted with, as well as the time spent communicating. By referring to logins and stored keys, you can get a direct path to the personal information of other people’s accounts – communication history, photos and video clips.
  • Analyze search queries and work with translators
    The history of all search queries is placed in a separate section. It collects information about searches performed on popular search engines Google, Bing, Amazon online store, Ebay, Google online maps, social networks Facebook, YouTube, dating sites Badoo, Edarling, Mamba, as well as millions of other Web sites and services.
  • Showing other people’s email messages
    All viewed and sent Email messages are available for review in a separate section. In addition to the date of interaction, the name of the service where the letter was viewed, the user account and the subject are displayed. Using the received password, you can read other people’s correspondence.
  • Show bookmarks and downloads made
    All bookmarks created by others will be displayed after scanning the web surfer. You will have access to bookmarks created on your desktop computer and on your phone. The saved page URLs contain the creation date and are arranged in a directory tree. The history of all loaded objects is moved to a separate section. For each download, the full address, download start and end times, and the path to the file on disk are displayed.
  • Parse browser cache content
    When visiting any page on the Internet Chrome, Yandex, Opera, Mozilla FireFox copy many images and other objects to the hard disk in the browser cache. Hetman Internet Spy recovers the file itself and the date of the first interaction from the browser “cache” and provides an opportunity to review.
  • Displays saved passwords and entered addresses
    For convenience, modern browsers offer to remember passwords from accounts on Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, from Email services, etc. The utility retrieves the saved passwords and addresses entered in the contact form from other people’s accounts. Using the login button, you can read other people’s Emails, messages sent on social networks by other participants. Logging in to Google and Facebook accounts gives access to a complete history of visiting all pages and search queries, to data about a person’s movements (GEO location), all his contacts, and many other personal information.
  • Restore history after disk formatting
    Deleting browser system files from the hard drive using Shift + Del, formatting the partition and reinstalling the Windows operating system do not guarantee protection against Internet spyware. Hetman Internet Spy instantly scans drives and recovers deleted history.
  • Restore history after “Delete” and using “Incognito” or “Private Browsing”
    You will restore history after doing “Delete”, “Reset to Default”, or deleting the browser and then reinstalling it. Using “Incognito tabs” in Chrome, Yandex and “Private Browsing” in Opera, Mozilla FireFox does not hide your browsing history, and you will also get a chance to read it.
  • Ability to export reports to Excel, HTML or PDF
    You can save all received data in Excel, HTML, or PDF format for later review or import into another system. The report generation wizard will help you select and export whatever information you need.

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