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RevisionFX Effections Plus 22.09 is a program for a set of plug-ins for Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro that professionals use to create their multimedia and graphics projects. Surprising and stunning special effects with their extraordinary capabilities are created for the production of films, clips, advertisements, for large companies, animation and artistic graphic processing.

Advanced features of RevisionFX Effections Plus:

  • DE:Flicker is a plug-in designed to smooth out annoying flickering and artifacts when shooting high frame rates or recording time-lapse videos.
  • DE:Noise is a plug-in for After Effects and Premiere Pro designed to easily remove noise from your video footage. Eliminates noise such as digital noise caused by low light, film grain caused by ray-tracing artifacts in renders, fingerprints and dust marks recorded during scanning, and many other types of noise.
  • FieldsKit is a plugin for advanced deinterlacing. Braiding (“comb” effect) is a negative effect that occurs when analog video signals are digitized. Deinterlacing is the reverse process of recovering a video image to minimize the “combing” effect.
  • PV Feather is a masking plugin that offers the best control of crop angles in After Effects in no time. PV Feather starts setting when using an internal mask for filling and an external mask for cutting. The distance between the inner and outer masks controls the number of cuts. PV Feather uses the built-in AE spline mask so there’s no need to learn a new spline interface.
  • RE:Fill is a plug-in designed to recover lost pixels in dynamic videos and images, offering several editing methods by moving the nearest “good” pixels, mirroring them, copying them from another area, etc. RE:Fill helps hide imperfections professionally in any image.
  • RE:Flex is a plug-in set consisting of three modules designed for morphing, creating visual effects of transformation and distortion in video images. Supports automatic and manual transformations, using the rotoscoping tool (drawing and masking multilayer compositions without using anchor points) from the main program.
  • RE:Lens can straighten your curved footage. Great for action cameras! RE:Lens creates panoramas from a single camera, and is great for 360-degree panorama workflows. Capture super wide-angle footage in high resolution and RE:Lens animates the camera pan and zoom, giving you greater flexibility in directing the viewer’s attention. Lets you create even two separate virtual views with one camera! Great for sports, landscapes, large billboards or wide banners.
  • RE:Map – a set of five plug-ins designed to manipulate grid locations of UV coordinates, overlay, blend and distort caricatures, create animations, change captions on video images. Includes a set of ready-to-use animated texture maps.
  • RE:Match – a new solution to problems related to color and texture in stereo and multi-camera shooting. It is a set of plug-ins for creating correspondence from one type of video or film to another, as if it were recorded with the same camera with the same settings. RE:Match indicates that both image sequences were shot around the same location, but may not have been shot at the same time and from the same vantage point.
  • ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro is a plug-in with very precise control over the filtering process to obtain high-quality images, automatically tracks each point in the video sequence, allows you to control the pixel tracking process, which reduces the percentage of incorrectly blurring images when they are superimposed.
  • Shade-Shape is a plug-in for converting flat objects into 3D models, giving images volume and depth using the shading technology of RE:Vision shapes.
  • SmoothKit – a set of plug-ins to remove defects from dynamic videos and images by blurring and smoothing their structure, as well as by setting parameters and applying various additional effects. Special filters with high performance accuracy will allow you to correct all video image flaws without losing quality. Remove an extra strand of hair from your forehead, highlight or mole? Nothing could be easier!
  • Twixtor is a plug-in for After Effects and Premiere Pro designed to synchronize (slow down, speed up) and change the frame rate of video frames with minimal loss. Changing the frame with Twixtor allows you to significantly improve the quality of your images. The patented RE:Vision technology automatically calculates the motion vector of each pixel from the tracking point, allowing you to easily synthesize new frames by converting and interpolating the original video sequence. If there are problems with auto-detect, the user can manually suggest a path to the program.
  • Video Gogh is a plug-in that allows you to apply hand-drawn effects to videos. Video Gogh has flexible settings and allows you to control brush size, apply effects selectively, change the transparency of the brush, as well as the distance between strokes. Video Gogh offers a choice of three painting styles (oil, watercolor, and crayon) and allows you to apply different styles on different layers. Brush size and transparency can be animated.

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