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Elcomsoft Phone Viewer Forensic Edition 5.40.39041 is a program for viewing information retrieved from local and cloud backups of devices running Apple iOS, BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone 8, 8.1 and Windows Mobile 10. With it, you can view user contacts, read messages, view call lists, notes and calendar data, analyzing user activity on the Internet. When working with backups of this device running Apple iOS using Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, you can view deleted messages – SMS and iMessage.

Advanced features of Elcomsoft Phone Viewer Forensic Edition:

  • View data from “cloud” storage.
    Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is optimized to work in conjunction with other company products. So, with the help of Elcomsoft Phone Breaker, you can quickly extract basic information from Apple iCloud cloud storage. You can view the extracted information using Elcomsoft Phone Viewer. Using both products together can speed up investigations and make it easier to extract and analyze user data, including call and message history, phone book, and map coordinates.
  • View data synced with iCloud
    Those that sync go to iCloud with minimal delay and regardless of the main backup. This data is available even if iCloud backup is disabled. With Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, you can view synchronized data captured by Elcomsoft Phone Breaker. It supports viewing data such as synced call logs, contacts, calendars, notes, bookmarks and user activity history in Safari browser, including deleted entries.
  • Safari browser history of synced data is fetched and displayed over a long period of time. More information is retrieved than is available on the device itself and its local copy. Filters are available to view deleted entries. The following data types are available for viewing:
    – SMS and iMessage messages are synced with iCloud, including photo attachments, media files, and documents
    – Body state data and user activity from the Apple Health application
    – Safari browser (history, bookmarks, open tabs)
    – Calendar, notes, contacts
    – Detailed call history
    – Apple Maps (routes, search queries, marked objects)
    – Wi-Fi (access point information, MAC address, date and device added from)
    – Wallet (except for payment cards)
    – Information about the user (address, phone, name) and the device (including serial number and OS version)
  • Physical Data Extraction: Viewing File System Images
    Since the release of the iPhone 5s, the first Apple device to run a 64-bit processor, the process and outcome of capturing physical data has changed dramatically. While for 32-bit models (iPhone 5c and below) it is possible to erase and decrypt the full image of the data partition, then for 64-bit models equipped with the Secure Enclave security subsystem, it is only possible to copy the file system. Capturing a file system image with exact recreation of the file path and directory structure is done in Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit for mobile forensics. Commands are processed by the device itself using the iOS operating system. The result of the work is an image of the file system packaged in an archive in the TAR format. Third party solutions work in a similar way, producing exactly the same image in exactly the same format. With Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, you can view and analyze the contents of an iOS file system image packaged as a TAR archive.
  • Data export
    Elcomsoft Phone Viewer allows you to export data captured from iOS devices to Microsoft Excel format. Data exported from iOS local and cloud backups, synced data from iCloud cloud, and data from file system images obtained from physical analysis of iPhone and iPad devices. User location history is stored in KML format. With support for data export, experts can continue to work with information collected using popular third-party tools and forensic analysis packages.
  • Speed and compactness
    Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is fast, compact and easy to use. High speed, small installation size, simple and intuitive interface distinguish Elcomsoft Phone Viewer from the “monster” products of the industry, offering “all-in-one” packages, which require advanced equipment and special courses for effective use. Compared to most forensic analysis packages, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer compares favorably with price, size, ease of use, and no training required.
  • Access iOS Notifications
    Notifications are an important part of iOS. Notifications come from e-mail clients, from instant messaging applications, from banks and online shops, ticket bookings, delivery and taxi services; from forums and social networks. A user can receive dozens and hundreds of notifications every day, many of which are still unread. All unread notifications that have not been deleted by the user end up in iOS backups both in the iCloud “cloud” and on-premises created using iTunes. Notifications can be stored in backup for up to several years. Their analysis can provide missing information that is important for investigations. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer allows you to view and export app notifications from the cloud and local backups.
  • Search and filter data
    Elcomsoft Phone Viewer is suitable for fast processing of large volumes of information. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer makes it easy to find the records and messages you need by using full-text search or data filtering. Search and filters work in real time and provide instant results. Full-text search is supported for all data fields, including message body. Filtering features are available for contacts, notes, call history and messages. With the help of filters, you can display records that correspond to a certain time period, belong to a certain account, or contain a certain combination of characters in one of the available fields. For calls and messages, view modes are available for all records, only incoming or only outgoing.
  • Analysis of user actions on the Internet
    Analyzing user activity – their search queries, viewed web pages, and opened browser tabs – is an important part of any investigation. With the help of analysis of search queries, not a single crime has been solved, but evidence of visits to certain resources – an important part of the evidence base in a number of investigations. Using Elcomsoft Phone Viewer, you can analyze a user’s search history, browsing history, list of bookmarks, as well as a list of browser tabs, including thumbnails of open pages. This mode is available for iOS (cloud and local) and BlackBerry 10 backups.
  • Photos and videos
    Starting with the second version of the product, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer has a built-in universal tool for viewing pictures and videos taken or received by device users. Elcomsoft Phone Viewer users don’t have to search for the files they need in huge galleries. The program will automatically organize your photos and videos into folders. Files taken using the phone’s built-in camera are displayed separately from photos received as attachments, while images from system and user programs (buttons, menus, logos and splash screens) are displayed in separate folders. View mode is available with automatic breakdown of media files into albums.
  • iCloud Photo Library
    Starting with version 2.30, Elcomsoft Phone Viewer supports viewing photos taken from iCloud Photo Library using Elcomsoft Phone Breaker. Supports automatic breakdown into albums and image filtering (by data type and date).
  • Wireless Wi-Fi connection
    The Saved Wi-Fi Connections Viewer allows you to view a list of SSIDs and passwords for Wi-Fi networks stored in iOS backups, but also defines the date and time of the first and most recent connection to the access point. In addition, information is provided about the BSSID of the access point and the encryption algorithm used. Sorting the list of networks by date of last access will allow you to know which network a user is connected to and in what order over a given period of time.
  • Installed apps
    Elcomsoft Phone Viewer users can view the entire list of apps installed on their iPhone or iPad. The app version, date and time of purchase (first purchase or download if the app is free) and the Apple Account used to make the purchase are displayed. Some of this data is not available in the device backup itself, and is requested automatically through iTunes. Access to the list of installed applications allows you to quickly determine in which social networks and through which messaging programs the user communicates, in which bank he has an account, and in which applications he meets.
  • EXIF tags support
    EXIF ​​tag​​contains information about the place, time and shooting parameters, lighting conditions and technical characteristics of the camera or camera. All this data is retrieved and displayed in Elcomsoft Phone Viewer. Need to find photos taken on the day of the incident under investigation? Elcomsoft Phone Viewer has built-in filters that allow you to set a time period and only show photos taken within a specified time.
  • Location data aggregation
    Location data is pulled from a variety of sources, including photos, iMessages and attachments, system logs, temporary files, and individual app data areas (Uber, Google Maps, Apple Maps, and others). In modern smartphones, the coordinates of shooting locations are automatically stored in the EXIF ​​tag of each image. Tying and displaying these coordinates on the map will allow the specialist to find out the exact place where this or that shot was taken. The data extracted from all sources is displayed as a single list, after analyzing which you can understand where the user of the device was in a certain period of time. Coordinate analysis will allow you to imagine the user’s movement route over a certain period of time.

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