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Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is a program for photos containing irreplaceable memories and capturing special moments in your life. But they don’t always turn out the way you want. Get the most out of your photos with just one click and get impressive results almost instantly. Only with Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 9.

Advanced features of Ashampoo Photo Optimizer:

  • Improve your holiday, wedding or party photos!
    Fix blurry shots, improve perspective, or apply one of a kind sparkling effects. You can easily fix minor imperfections like red eyes, skin problems or blemishes. Save time and hassle and achieve impressive results almost instantly with Photo Optimizer!
  • Choose, click, enjoy!
    Photo Optimizer 9’s interface is as simple as it gets! Features are categorized and are never more than two clicks away from you. Where other photo editors ask you to read long manuals, Photo Optimizer gives you results instantly!
  • Important foundation and creative freedom
    Naturally, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 9 has all the usual features like cropping, rotating, adding watermarks and smoothing. But that’s not all. Feel free to get creative with artistic effects and elegant frames. Whether you’re recovering bad shots, enhancing your photos by up to 5% more, or just having fun, this program is for you!
  • Your holiday photo savior
    Careful image analysis allows you to detect visual defects in images and eliminate them. Our carefully designed algorithm automatically optimizes the color, contrast and lighting of each shot as well as the entire collection, turning your stunning shots into brilliant photos!
  • The importance of perspective!
    Photographing buildings often results in unpleasant and easily noticeable perspective distortion due to the position of the photographer. Buildings and other tall objects appear to be collapsing, giving your photos a funny effect. Next time you forget to take your tripod and you can’t hold your camera straight. Take advantage of Photo Optimizer 9’s new perspective improvements! Correct vertical or horizontal distortion with just a few clicks and save images that should be thrown straight into the trash. Give your photos a second chance and always get the right perspective!
  • Easier to use with favorites
    Each of us has favorite features that we use more often than others. Now you no longer have to go through various menus and categories to get them. Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 9 introduces a customizable Favorites menu which you can populate with your favorite features for quick access to them in one place. Need to quickly straighten the horizon after auto-correction, correct perspective, or cropping? Now you can. Brilliant, right?
  • Unparalleled automatic image optimization
    The secret of the new Photo Optimizer lies in its unique image optimization. Each individual image is carefully optimized for potential issues and possible fixes. Pictures taken in a hurry on the phone can now be easily restored! Dull colors, low light or contrast problems – Photo Optimizer’s advanced algorithm will detect them all! After analysis, your photos appear alive and bright – just the way a good photo should look. We’ve searched through thousands of parameter combinations to find the one that works best for everyone. After two years of development and hours in our testing lab, we are proud to present the next level in image optimization – Ashampoo Photo Optimizer!
  • More fine tuning options
    As good as automatic optimization is, there are times when you want to make some changes manually. Version 9 offers even finer tuning options, such as color temperature, which can really change the nature of shots – reinforcing the “cold” phone shots we are so familiar with. Tone curves are a surefire way to enhance shadows, mids, and highlights, especially when you’re working with RAW images! Feel free to experiment – the built-in backup system will help you undo any changes and restore the original image in the blink of an eye.
  • Improved memory management
    When needed, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer uses all available system memory to get the most out of your PC. This means that even large images or giant collections are optimized for the speed of light. Try the fastest and most reliable Photo Optimizer of all time!
  • Increase white balance and increase contrast
    White balance plays a key role in the temperature of your images. Digital cameras often suffer from dull colors and horrible blue tints. From here, the photos appear completely lifeless and devoid of the magic of the moment. Low contrast images, often due to low lighting, are another common problem. By manually adjusting white balance and contrast, Photo Optimizer can breathe new life into even the worst shots! These two features are part of the automatic optimization feature and will activate automatically when needed!
  • Edit photos with just a few clicks
    Photo Optimizer’s interface really speaks for itself. The features are broken down into intuitively named categories and are just two clicks away. Where other photo editors make you read the manual, Photo Optimizer gives you results in no time! Everything is simple and logical, training is not required. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, or you just don’t want to spend hours customizing your images, Ashampoo Photo Optimizer is the program for you.
  • Universal export function
    Nice photo must see. That’s why we offer several ways to transfer your photos from Photo Optimizer 8. These include email, the free Ashampoo Web portal, and setting an image as your desktop background. If you prefer the traditional way and print your photos, you’ll love the feature-rich print function that lets you make not only high-quality but also compact prints.
  • Features for perfectionists and creatives
    Many advanced features are available beyond the scope of automatic optimization. Whether you need to add sharpness or softness, Photo Optimizer has great tools for every occasion. Reduce annoying image noise, adjust color temperature, or crop images. And for the artist in you, we’ve added various effects like waves, swirls, and even explosions and collapses. Lots of room for experimentation.
  • Improvements for natural-looking portraits
    The face forms the center of many photos, but rarely looks perfect! Fine-tune your portraits automatically or manually with Photo Optimizer. Fix red eyes and whiten teeth for a dazzling smile. Fix minor mistakes with clone tool and remove blemishes and other blemishes like a pro. Create perfect yet natural looking portraits with just a few clicks!
  • Add some color!
    You can’t have great photos without great colors. This is where Photo Optimizer’s powerful color correction comes in. Add personality or increase the sense of realism to your photos. You only need a few swipes to increase the contrast, saturation and more. View your changes in real time via the built-in preview, and travel down memory lane with a nostalgic sepia effect. You don’t like what you see? Get back the original image with just one click!
  • Convenient batch processing
    Since Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 9 does a lot of things automatically, we’ve added batch processing to save you the time and hassle of processing your entire photo collection at once. Select individual images from multiple sources or entire folders and let Photo Optimizer do its magic. Each image is carefully analyzed and qualitatively optimized taking into account its features. Process the entire holiday in one go, polish up your wedding or birthday photos, and bring some shine back into photography.
  • Spacious experimental room
    Thanks to the convenient backup function, you are free to experiment in any way without fear of losing your original image. Restore your image to its original state with the click of a button. And the built-in before-after view ensures that there are no nasty surprises along the way to your perfect shot. You seem to be looking into the future – bright, colorful and brilliant!

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