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MAGIX VEGAS Pro is able to increase video production efficiency to a level that previously could not be achieved. Explore possible nested timelines, industry-leading high-resolution editing (HDR) tools, and a simple but powerful color ranking process. Version VEGAS Pro 17, equipped with more than 30 new features, implements a comprehensive optimization method that maximizes your efficiency when working with video.

Advanced features of MAGIX VEGAS Pro:

  • Editing
    No one will edit videos faster than creative people who are enthusiastic about VEGAS Pro. Timeline editing tools simplify and speed up the editing process. But, more importantly, they give you the freedom to implement your creative ideas: now you will forget about the awkward editors and focus on implementing what you have planned. VEGAS Pro allows you to edit, think about and make products more efficiently than other solutions.
  • Nested Timeline
    Organize projects and speed up workflows with nested timelines. Simply switch between different schedules in the main project or open nested deadlines as individual projects.
  • Smart separation
    Thanks to the intelligent separation function, you can delete entire segments of the video clip and make edits that are almost invisible to peering eyes, with free adjustment of results, if necessary. No more installation snips!
  • Hamburger Menu System
    The innovative menu system allows you to adjust the most commonly used user interface areas so that you can quickly find the right tool without clogging the workspace.
    A powerful professional color matching tool allows you to achieve the best results in your work, while the color matching logic in VEGAS Pro includes fast, powerful and flexible options for solving problems. Create the perfect palette perfect for your movies, even in HDR mode.
  • Integrated color matching process
    Take the assessment and correction table to a new level thanks to the new integrated process in the “Color Matching” panel. Import and export grading tables, adjust colors with the color wheel, curves, and more. Uniquely supports color adjustment in HDR.
  • Graduation table for export (LUT)
    Have you made the perfect color palette? Do you want to use hand picks for some clips, in other projects or share them with other VEGAS users? Export your own color matching settings as a grading table in .cube format to easily apply it to another file in any situation where a grading table import is available.
  • Supports HLG HDR
    Join the leaders in HDR at the peak of opportunity. Works with HLG or HDR10 files in ACES 1.1 color space. You can watch videos in HDR mode in the VEGAS Preview window or on an external HDR monitor. Match colors in HDR mode with an HDR video measuring device. Transfer HDR content, even through YouTube.
    With full support for the Open FX plug-in, VEGAS Pro is equipped with various built-in effects and can work with third-party effects from leading manufacturers in the industry. The ability to create chain effects at four different levels (up to 32 plug-ins in each chain) allows you to use unlimited resources for creativity.
  • Mesh curvature
    You can freely stretch and deflect the video using the “Stretch Grid” effect. Starting with simple tasks like moving videos to the side of the building from another video, and ending with creating video effects with extraordinary distortion, your possibilities are truly endless.
  • Fine Slow Motion Optics
    Thanks to exclusive optical flow technology that has been carefully developed, VEGAS Pro creates video frames that are not captured by your camera to fill the space between the frames taken and provides exceptional smoothness when displaying slow motion.
  • Creative Combination Mode
    A complete set of combination mode settings makes VEGAS Pro a powerful tool for making compositions. Export two clips, separate one clip from another, or calculate the difference between them. Make art.
    A good film must have a good sound that emphasizes and enhances visual images, and creates the right atmosphere for the audience. VEGAS Pro provides a complete sound processing environment with professional editing tools. Full support for the VST interface, dozens of effects and real-time rendering stand out from other VEGAS Pro solutions. Its unique digital audio station features the perfect fit with other instruments.
  • Strong multi-track environment
    VEGAS Pro provides a wide selection of tools for recording and processing sounds that you can work professionally. Audio recording can be done by considering division into a number of individual tracks, correct input bus settings, professional measurements, recording entries and much more.
  • Various sound effects
    VEGAS Pro supports all standard VST interfaces. Apply effects to tracks, individual events that are transmitted via the optional audio bus and main bus. Choose from over 40 built-in signal processing and effects and automation with real-time batch control.
  • Sound synchronization when working with multi-space materials
    Automatically synchronizes different video files on separate tracks using waveform sound shapes to increase the efficiency and speed of processing multi-camera events.
    All work done will not incur any costs if you cannot translate it into the required format … and as soon as possible. VEGAS Pro offers many options for submitting projects and simplifies the selection of the most popular formats and templates, and also allows you to completely change the rendering in your project. Every time you will get to the point when passing a project with any requirements.
  • GPU rendering
    Thanks to the support of video cards from leading manufacturers in the industry, such as NVIDIA, AMD and Intel, and the most famous GPU power, VEGAS doubles the rendering speed in the popular AVC and HEVC formats.
  • Supports resolutions up to 8K
    The modern process of creating video content is complicated by the need to work with increasingly high resolution. VEGAS Pro supports working with files up to 8K resolution from the start until the time of delivery, so now you can create files in very high resolution for large format projections or similar tasks.
  • VEGAS DVD Architect
    VEGAS DVD Architect allows you to create DVDs and Blu-ray discs with professional copyright management features. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface, concise design, and comprehensive copyright management tools make it easy to create Blu-ray and DVD projects that can be played through the disc menu.

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