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Bongiovi Acoustics DPS Audio Enhancer is the ideal sound processing solution that combines advanced acoustic technology created by sound engineers with a passion for great sound. Bongiovi DPS is a patented algorithm that optimizes audio in real time. DPS profiles are created and applied for maximum sound flexibility in any sound scenario.

Advanced features of Bongiovi Acoustics DPS Audio Enhancer:

  • Improved headphone performance – Audio engineer Bongiovi Acoustics has created special profiles for many popular headphones. This profile increases sound imperfections and provides overall sound quality improvement.
  • Improved the sound of small speakers – portable speakers, clocks, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones that suffer from poor sound quality due to their small size and easy to carry. Bongiovi DPS is very good at creating audio signals that are optimized for small speakers. Bongiovi DPS provides louder overall output, clarity for softer recordings, better bass, and stereo sound.
  • Maximize the sound of large speakers – home theater, car audio, and more. Bungiovi DPS will significantly improve the sound quality of this system.
  • Increase the television sound or multimedia display. Films can have very hard or very soft aisles. Bungiovi DPS can normalize the volume (DRC) of all multimedia content in such a way that it will sound natural, and provide quality that is usually heard only in theaters.
  • Automatic mixing / mastery. Some applications, like karaoke, require mixing several sounds in real time. Even a professional sound engineer can get results that are less than desired by mixing audio in the application. Bongiovi DPS technology can automatically help you mix music, sounds and other sounds by clicking a button.
  • Internet audio stream sound recovery. Real-time Internet audio may have inconsistent volumes, content quality, and frequency responses. The active component of Bongiovi DPS technology can easily provide consistent high-quality sound for any audio stream.
  • Increases clarity in high noise environments. If your voice must be heard in a crowded or noisy environment, then DPS is your solution. DPS technology was originally created to provide high quality sound in a small private jet noise environment.
  • DPS significantly improves audio quality on almost all devices.

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