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Boris FX Continuum Complete 2020 is a graph recovery program, image stabilization, advanced chromakey, Planar Tracking, Roto Masking and other functions available to you and Boris FX Continuum, will allow you to take your project to an entirely new level of quality.

Advanced features of Boris FX Continuum Complete:

  • Primatte Studio
    The new Primatte Studio module is a sophisticated software package for working with blue / green screens. In particular, automatic analysis of blue / green screens is ready to help you, which allows you to “equalize” uneven background lighting.
  • VR unit
    360 degree video in no time! The new VR unit includes five filters, fully adjustable to work with 360 degree material. 180 °, 360 °, mono and stereoscopy supported.
  • A variety of television standards
    The new Safe Broadcast filter is a very convenient instant solution! It is enough for you to simply determine the desired standard (or your own preset), after which the module will automatically do the rest.
  • Studio Title Updated
    Discover a new “engine” for 3D rendering, which allows you to qualitatively choose shadows and 3D depths, implement animations for individual objects and for whole groups at the same time, and the ability to use pre-made templates and templates!
  • Mocha & masking tracking
    Powerful 3D particle generator, emitter, and natural-looking effects for Motion Graphics and VFX – all of this distinguishes Mocha Tracking from analog. In addition, 3D particle emitter is designed to support high-level hardware acceleration.
  • Image Recovery Module
    The module for image recovery includes a number of software features that allow you to quickly and accurately “remind” the material taken. These include, among others, Beauty Studio, pixel keys, Reframer / Remover and modules for removing flickers. Magic Sharp and exposure adjustments are also part of the software package.
  • Transition
    You can adjust the speed and volume for your project even without the key frame. Continuum 11 includes 40 automatic animated transitions with more than 500 different settings.
  • 3D object
    Thanks to Continuum, you can easily create 3D objects in any resolution and size. 2D and 3D text will always be very clear, regardless of the overall size of the object.
  • Corpuscular effect
    Mocha allows you to work with special spline forms that can be tracked using Mocha Planar Tracker, both individually and in groups. In the final stage, you can apply the selection to each individual required fragment.
  • FX browser
    The ability to always quickly find the perfect option! You can launch the FX browser from every single Continuum filter with just one click. Thus, you will immediately get full access to the filter collection at any time.

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