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MSTech Swift Gadget is the most useful extension program (Windows Tool Pack). Includes more than 10 program functionalities. Allows you to have quick access to the most frequently used folders, files and software; provides quick search and access to music, videos, pictures, and also has many other useful functions.

Advanced features of MSTech Swift Gadget:

  • Windows context menu integration (Shell Menu)
    After installing MSTech Swift Gadget, you will get access to all program functions in the Windows context menu.
  • Shortcuts and quick access
    You will have the opportunity to have quick and easy access to the most commonly used files, applications and directories. Just select the files, directories and applications needed in the MSTech Swift Gadget context menu and enjoy quick access to it with one click of the right mouse button.
  • Library
    You can specify up to 10 directories, your library in MSTech Swift Gadget right click on the menu. The library helps you quickly transfer your files and folders.
  • Copy / Move to …
    You can copy / move files and folders along new paths to new folders quickly and easily.
  • Manage files by extension
    You can automatically classify all your files depending on the type (extension) in a separate folder with one click of the right mouse button.
  • Search for hidden files and folders
    With this function you can get instant access to a list of hidden files and folders in any directory.
  • Image change
    You can easily resize images in just 2 clicks in single or batch mode:
    Using this function, you can package the selected image according to its size (size) into the appropriate folder.
  • Sort pictures by date
    Using this option, you can classify (copy or move) an image by its date (the date of the first shot and, if not available, the date of the last modification will be used).
  • Save images and text to the Windows clipboard
    MSTech Swift Gadget allows you to save images and text stored on the clipboard as new images or text files or replace them with existing files with just one click.
  • MSTech Notebook
    MSTech Notepad is a useful feature similar to MS Notepad, which helps collect text and save it. You can hold the MSTech Notepad window above all open windows using the Pin option. When “Clipboard capture” mode is activated (“Automatic clipboard recording”), it automatically collects copied text values ​​and pastes them at the end of the current file.
  • Open with notepad
    Using quick access to the “Open with Notepad” command, you can quickly open any file (for example, PHP, HTML, CSV, etc.) using Windows Notepad using the MSTech Swift gadget.
  • Archiving – put in an archive and unzip files / folders
    Select files and folders and move to a new folder by simply entering the folder name, or transferring the contents of the selected folder to the parent path with one click.
  • Separate and join files
    Using MSTech Split, you can split or merge your files of any size in a few seconds.
  • Calculate file checksum
    MSTech Swift Gadget also calculates checksum files with all MD5, CRC32, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, and SHA-512 algorithms.
  • Print
    Using the “Folder to print” gadget, you can quickly see the selected path with many options.
  • Remove on reboot
    MSTech Swift Gadget will help you delete files that you cannot delete (when Windows says “Used by other applications”).
  • Command line
    MSTech Swift Gadget will give you access to MS command lines, as well as Power Shell on all computers.
    Launch the application with special commands You can run any application with a user command (the application must support the command itself) directly, just select the application and enter the command.
  • Common Windows tools
    With MSTech Swift Gadgets in one click you can run the most common and useful Windows tools.
  • General Windows Settings
    With options for viewing files and folders, you will have quick access to the most common options in the Windows folder settings window.
  • Unlock
    Unlocking helps you unlock files that are used by other applications.
  • Collection
    With Basket, you can create a collection of files from your entire system, change collections, and copy or move collections to any location with one click.
  • Delete empty folder
    Using this option, you can choose a directory and delete all empty folders with one click.

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