Rohos Logon Key 4.6 Full Serial Key

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Rohos Logon Key 4.6 is a program to protect access to a computer using a USB key, not an ordinary password. It’s convenient – access is fast and automatic – even though Windows is still password protected.

Advanced features of Rohos Logon Key:

  • Rohos Logon Key stores up to 64 login profiles on a USB drive (Key) for authorization on personal computers or network PCs (where programs are installed).
  • This program is integrated into the Windows Logon configuration
  • Enter the computer in your home
  • Log in to workstations that are part of Active Directory (Windows domain) or Novell Netware services
  • Remote Desktop Access on a Windows Terminal Server.
  • Computer running Windows Vista
  • The computer can be locked, or the user session can end (Log off) immediately after the USB Key is disconnected from the USB port.
  • Protection works even in Safe Mode.
  • Works without USB Lock – allows you to release the USB lock for several minutes without locking the computer. For example, if the computer has the only USB port available, and the user wants to insert several other devices, and temporarily disconnect the USB Key. After this time, the computer will be locked (see USB_REMOVAL option).
  • Full password authorization overrides. This feature allows you to log in to your account only via a USB key.
  • The USB key can be configured to store passwords in an encrypted form, not a genuine Windows password. This USB lock does not require PIN code protection.
  • The USB key management utility allows you to quickly and easily configure USB Keys for hundreds of users.
  • The program does not replace msgina.dll, does not bring additional compatibility issues
  • Supports password renewal policies; The USB key is synchronized with the new password
  • Enhanced USB Key Protection
  • USB key cannot be forged. The program inhibits key duplication
  • Each login profile is tied to the serial number of the USB drive
  • Password protection: By default, the USB Key does not contain a clear Windows password
  • Two-factor authorization uses a PIN code. USB keys can be protected by a PIN code; PIN code as on cellphone – 3 incorrect attempts and lock locked. This makes the PIN code a good replacement for long passwords.
  • A USB key made at a company cannot be modified on a home computer.

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