Silver Key Standard 5.3 Full Patch

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Silver Key Standard 5.3 is a program to encrypt files and documents using a reliable 256-bit AES algorithm, with the ability to create packages that are hidden in other files. This tool allows you to send important data safely through the Internet.

Advanced features of Silver Key Standard:

  • Ideal for secure data transfers.
    Silver Key encrypts sensitive data and creates encrypted packages that can be sent over the Internet. The Silver Key package can extract itself, so the recipient does not need to install the program and decrypt the data.
  • Ease of use
    Select the file or folder, right-click and select “Create Parcel”. Silver Key will create encrypted files that can be downloaded to servers on the Internet, sent over the local network, or simply attached to an e-mail message. In addition, users can choose the “Create Package and Upload” context menu item, in which case the encrypted file will be uploaded to the Dropbox, Google Drive or Onebox cloud services.
  • Compatible with HIPAA
    If you need to protect data according to HIPAA standard rules, Silver Key supports the application of encryption that is HIPAA compliant in existing data infrastructure.
  • Strong encryption
    Silver Key uses a proven 256-bit AES symmetric encryption algorithm that meets HIPAA requirements. This program can work in compatibility mode with the federal standard FIPS 140-2 using a verified CryptoAPI encryption engine.
  • Transparent work with passwords
    Passwords that are entered incorrectly are more likely to destroy data than computer viruses. The modern Silver Key window simplifies password entry and minimizes the possibility of errors.
  • Broad opportunities
    If you want advanced features, use the built-in Silver Key Parcel Designer tool. This utility allows you to create sophisticated packages and show the full power of Silver Key. You can add encrypted and unencrypted comments, create shortcuts on the target computer, or even activate the uninstaller.
  • Automatic work
    A fully functional command line interface allows you to use Silver Key as part of an automated data processing system. Silver Key does not require user participation and can operate in non-operator mode.

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