Superluminal Stardust 1.6.0 for Adobe After Effects Full Crack

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Superluminal Stardust 1.6.0 for Adobe After Effects is a program to simulate particles in 3D mode and create special effects that are stunning in their beauty. The Stardust Superluminal graphics system is designed to work with Adobe After Effects.

Advanced features of Superluminal Stardust for Adobe After Effects:

  • Modular 3D particle system for After Effects.
  • One Tool, Single 3D space.
  • One click smart presets.
  • Replica, a unique effect, that replicates particles in various ways.
  • Countless particle effects.
  • Emitters, Particles, Replica, Forces, 3D Models, Text & Mask, Maps.
  • Space deformers, Spheres, Boxes, 3D models, Bend, Twist, Maps, Black Hole.
  • Splines, capable of life, both as pathways and emitters.
  • Containers, particle covers in balls, boxes or 3D models

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