Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel Business Edition 2018.5.2232.9856

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Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel Business Edition 2018.5.2232.9856 is providing a complete set of more than forty professional tools for working in Excel. The Ultimate Suite is a comprehensive set of tools for Excel that AbleBits has accumulated over 15 years of experience creating Microsoft Office. Over the years, they added new features that appeared with each new version of Excel and perfected the code to make the tool as perfect as possible.

Advanced features of Ablebits Ultimate Suite for Excel Business Edition:

Combining data from various sources:

  • Combine 2 sheets by matching data
  • Update cells by matching data from lookup tables
  • Consolidation of data from several books and sheets
  • Copying data from several sheets
  • Copy multiple books to one: all books on one sheet
  • Layout sheet with the same name
  • Combining several books into one
  • Merge data from duplicate rows
  • Combine multiple columns
  • Combine several lines
  • Merge multiple cells without losing data

Do duplicates:

  • Find and delete duplicates in one table
  • Combining data from duplicate rows into one
  • Comparison of two sheets for duplication
  • Search and processing of duplicates and their first occurrences
  • Look for unique values ​​in a table
  • Look for similar notes (fuzzy duplicates)

Cell search and selection:

  • Sum of cells by color
  • Count the number of cells based on color
  • Multi-criteria filter based on selected cell
  • Cell selection is based on numeric values ​​(max, min, between …)
  • Search for cells, objects, comments, formulas, and conditional formatting
  • Random sampling of data
  • Copy cell addresses or cell ranges to the clipboard

Search and replace data in cells:

  • Search and replace all or every book and sheet
  • Search and replace in hyperlinks
  • Delete or replace line breaks
  • Find and fix broken links between books
  • Remove extra spaces: lead, follow, extra spaces between words
  • Delete characters from cells by type: non-printable, digital characters,
  • Change the case
  • Fill in the blank cells with adjacent values
  • Replacing formulas with results, switching between absolute and relative links
  • Conversion of numbers saved in text format
  • Simple calculator for selected cells
  • Unit Conversion

Random generation:

  • Create unique random numbers
  • Create passwords and other random strings
  • Make random strings based on patterns
  • Filling random cells with values ​​from a predetermined list
  • Create unique random dates
  • Fill in the range with random numbers

Process and change tables:

  • UNPIVOT Table: Change the crosstab to flat style
  • Turn table rows into labels or cards
  • Separation of columns with full names into components
  • Erase blank lines
  • Removes empty fields
  • Cell shaking

Manage books and worksheets:

  • Easy navigation in large Excel workbooks
  • Copy or move sheets with the mouse
  • Remove blank sheets from a workbook
  • Sort Excel worksheets from A to Z and vice versa
  • Synchronize the selection area when switching to another sheet

Comments Management:

  • Insert a picture in a comment
  • Prepare a comment form
  • View, create and edit all comments in one place
  • Search and replace in comments

Supported versions of Excel:

  • Excel 2019
  • Excel 2016
  • Excel 2013
  • Excel 2010
  • Excel 2007
  • 32-bit and 64-bit
  • Excel desktop is included in Office 365 / Office 365 ProPlus

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