Password Depot 15.0.0 Full Crack

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Password Depot 15.0.0 is a program for managing all of your passwords. You will never forget your password again. Password Depot Professional protects your passwords from unauthorized access from outside and is very easy to use. Program features: barely decrypted password generation, data encryption, automatic login. Password Depot will store your passwords encrypted in a database. To access it, you only need to remember one password. The database can also be accessed via the network.

Advanced features of Password Depot:

  • Best protection for your data using Rijndael 256 double encryption! Your password list will be twice protected: with a master password and an internal key
  • Protection against keylogging (improves keystrokes) – All password fields will be internally protected from keyloggers
  • Password Depot leaves no trace of your passwords in RAM. So even hackers’ attempts to use your computer and try to browse through the encrypted stack of memory with passwords – theoretical possibilities – will be rejected
  • Clipboard protection – Password Depot automatically detects any active clipboard viewer and changes the character mask set; After providing auto-fill, all important information is automatically deleted from the clipboard.
  • Integrated password generator, creating virtually unbreakable passwords: instead of passwords like “sweetheart” or “John”, which can easily be cracked in a few minutes, you’ll receive a password like “g \ /: 1bmV5T $ x_sb} 8T4 @ CN? \ A: y: diakov.net-k) mUpHiJu: 0md7p @ “

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