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ON1 Portrait AI 2021 is the perfect Retouching program with just one click with ON1 Portrait AI. It uses machine learning to automatically find each face in a photo and improve their appearance. It analyzes each face and adds the right amount of retouching to the skin, eyes and mouth, giving professional results in no time.

Advanced features of ON1 Portrait AI:

  • Get Perfect Natural Skin
    Automatic AI fix for every face, Independent arrangement for each person, Skin retouching based on frequency division
  • The necessary retouching tools and controls
    Its retouching options are incredible, including smoothing skin, reducing shine, removing blemishes, correcting faces and whitening eyes and teeth – just to start.
  • Let the AI ​​do the hard work for you
    Automatically finds every face in your photo, analyzes it, and adds the right amount of retouching according to your preferences.
  • No more protracted editing sessions
    Make AI work for you by processing entire folders of your photos. For each photo, Portrait AI will find every face and automatically add the right amount of retouching. It’s perfect for checking your photos before shipping.
  • Customize each person individually
    Each face in the photo has its own controls and settings. For example, you can use different settings for the bride and groom in a wedding photo.
  • Your edits are non-destructive
    All your settings and edits are non-destructive. You can edit it later and the original photo won’t change.
  • You control how you edit
    Everything happens automatically, but there’s also full manual control. You can adjust the position of the eyes and mouth manually, paint a skin mask, and use a brush to remove stubborn blemishes.
  • Improve face shape and lighting
    Correct common mistakes in lens selection and lighting by adding fill light to brighten the face, or reshaping the face to thin out the jawline or balance the size of the eyes.
  • Frequency sharing capability
    Skin retouching uses frequency division to maintain the natural texture of the skin while minimizing changes in skin color and tone. Creates flawless yet natural skin.
  • Removes stains easily
    Small dots can be automatically reduced, while larger dots can be erased with the built-in eraser and clone stamp.
  • Whitens teeth
    Teeth and lips are also detected automatically. You can easily brighten your smile and adjust the color and saturation of your lips.
  • Fix the eye
    Eyes are automatically detected and enhanced. Shades of white can be brightened and irises can be sharpened.

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