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Exposure X6 Bundle is a new, improved photo editor and organizer program that brings you powerful new features. Photographers of all genres will find Exposure X6 the only application they need to create stunning images and quickly and intuitively master their workflow. Also included in this kit are two additional applications to expand your creative possibilities: Blow Up 3, which is designed to increase the size of images by preserving their maximum quality and Snap Art 4, which turns your photos into beautiful handcrafted paintings.

Advanced features of Exposure X6 Bundle:

  • Creation
    Turn your digital images into expressive works of art using the rich creative tools from the Exposure X Bundle. Hundreds of carefully selected styles will bring a human touch to your work. Personalize this look using powerful editing tools and natural media effects like oil paints and watercolors.
  • Simplicity
    The experience is easier, smarter than the road to work. The Exposure X pack simplifies your workflow so that you waste time creating creative solutions rather than incorporating educational software. You will not experience complications such as catalogs or imports. It’s easy to switch between in-exposure and those using natural media and image enhancement tools.
  • Flexibility
    Work your way – the Exposure X Bundle will adapt. It has the tools you need in a professional and standalone photo editor. It also works great as a suite of plugins for Lightroom or Photoshop. Edits RAW files without breaking them, and provides powerful organizational tools, user interface and customizable speed.
  • User interface:
    – The aesthetics of the user interface have been improved and the navigation has been optimized. In Exposure X, in the presets window, you can immediately see the possible results of applying presets, it is possible to view presets in text format. Presets are again divided into categories, it is possible to create your own presets. Retina display support.
    – In Exposure X adds new textures, more flexible settings for frames, dust, and scratches. effects and lighting effects are divided into groups. Shuffling is a tool for randomly selecting different results, an easy way to get unique results.
  • Preset groups
    You can control the preset settings using groups of related sliders (sliders), as well as texture mapping. A bunch of presets let you quickly explore options that allow you not to mess with individual sliders. Hover over the preset and the thumbnail will update to show you how it will look in the photo. Just scroll the preset list to quickly explore it visually. In addition, with each preset, you can use various settings with controls: tone, curve, focus, grain, sketch, etc.
  • Texture mapping
    In Exposure X, you can add a variety of gorgeous realistic effects that simulate dirt, matte emulsion, flares, scratches, dust, old frames.

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