WinDataReflector 3.0.1 Full Crack

WinDataReflector 3.0.1 is a lightweight file synchronization and backup program that simplifies file sharing and transfers algorithms to a simple and intuitive interface that offers you visual comparisons of files and folders before synchronizing and backing up and supports two-way synchronization with fully customizable rules.

Advanced features of WinDataReflector:

  • Support for synchronization with the main cloud services, SFTP and FTP. WinDataReflector supports file and data synchronization with Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive, FTP and SFTP. It can synchronize files between a local folder or network share, a cloud folder or two cloud folders.
  • Bidirectional synchronization with fully customizable rules. Changes made to the left or right folder are reflected in another folder, which makes it identical, and you can also configure WinDataReflector only to propagate certain changes.
  • Automatic synchronization and backup with default scheduler. Schedule the execution of any task automatically at certain times of the day or days of the week and periodically.
  • Automatic synchronization of USB drives and external hard drives. Identify external hard drives and flash drives with volume labels, regardless of drive letter, and, if necessary, perform backup and synchronization tasks automatically when an external flash drive or drive is connected to the computer.
  • Real-time synchronization and backup. Always save files in real time. WinDataReflector can replicate any changes in the synchronized folder in real time.
  • Perform several tasks simultaneously on the tab. View and run multiple tasks on separate tabs at the same time.
  • Filter files and folders using regular expressions or regular search. Exclude directories, file names, file extensions, or exclude files that match regular expressions in the exceptions list.
  • Support for NTFS file permissions (ACL / DACL). NTFS file security information and permissions can be copied to the destination file and folder.
  • Delete option: never delete, move files to the trash or delete files permanently. To avoid accidentally deleting files, the WinDataReflector setting by default does not allow you to delete files, but you can change them to move deleted files to the trash or permanently delete files.
  • Save a copy of the old file before replacing it. To protect against data loss, WinDataReflector can make a copy of a file before replacing it with a new file.
  • CRC comparison and verification. In addition to time and size comparisons, WinDataReflector also supports a CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) checksum for comparing files and checking their integrity after copying.
  • Execute commands before and after the task. Add commands to complete before and after applying backup and synchronization tasks. Commands can include special programs that must be run using certain command line arguments or executable batch files.
  • Compression support. It supports backing up files to ZIP archives in two modes: overwriting existing ones or creating new temporary files for each backup.

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