Golden Software Surfer 16.6.484 Full Version

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Golden Software Surfer 16.6.484 is a tool for surface modeling and analysis, landscape visualization, mesh generation, three-dimensional map development and more. The strong interpolation function of the program transforms different data into extraordinary surfaces of the highest quality. Surfer has a variety of maps: contours, vectors, source data, shaded terrain, and others. Different cards can overlap to determine dependencies in your data.

Advanced features of Golden Software Surfer:

  • Map design is unlimited. Support applied for map projection: You can specify a coordinate system for each map layer, and then choose from the list of coordinate systems needed for display. This allows you to mix and match data and grid files from various coordinate systems, and also provides freedom I and time savings when creating maps.
  • Installation on 64-bit versions. Allows you to work with large amounts of information and graphic data without worrying about memory shortages.
  • Instant display of changes made. The new functionality allows you to easily edit sections and immediately see the results of changes on the map thanks to advanced program settings.
  • Draw smooth curved lines. A new tool for smoothing curved lines has been added, which allows you to draw fine lines in the area.
  • Dynamic digitization. The digitizing function allows you to find out the value of certain points on the map based on the map grid report and the X, Y, Z values.
  • overlay card. The map overlay function has been restored, allowing you to make several separate cards, then selecting only what is needed and combining them with each other overlaying.
  • Complete data compatibility. Allows you to import and export to any known format, including support for Access 2007 ACCDB and Google Earth (KML and KMZ).
  • Change the color spectrum on the map. With one click, you can quickly change the color spectrum for the map you created.
  • Determine the range of data for the plot. The ability to determine the range of data to be built when selecting the start and end of a line from a data file.
  • Option to save calculations. The surfer automatically saves the last ten calculation functions, so there is no need to re-enter the same function.
  • Easy contour detection. The simple method allows you to quickly and easily determine and change basic contour attributes, such as large and small contour lines, intervals, fill colors, etc.
  • Extension of the node grid editing function. All nodes displayed can be edited during the construction process.
  • Export outlines to 3D text files. The ability to get the required data from a contour map allows you to export contour lines to XYZ text data files.
  • Expansion of the math box. Use the number of files needed with a math box without restrictions.
  • Save grids and databases from maps. The ability to extract files or grid data directly from the map.
  • Automatic contour map creation. By loading a CLR file, you can create a color line map that is needed for certain scenarios.
  • Saving coordinate system data for reuse. Surfer allows you to remember the design and save this information for future use.
  • New box mosaic options. The new SUM overlay method allows you to add a Z value in the area where there is a mesh overlay file.

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