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PlayerFab is a program for local videos, DVD/Blu-ray/UHD discs and also offers a rich playback experience for watching live streaming videos. PlayerFab supports various streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Tubi, Peacock, etc.

Advanced features of PlayerFab:

  • Supports 1080p FHD and high quality audio
    When playing video via PlayerFab, 1080P FHD and high quality sound are always available. It will surely give you a perfect audiovisual experience.
  • Skip ads via PlayerFab
    PlayerFab can automatically skip pre-advertised videos from the most popular streaming services like Amazon IMDB TV, Tubi, Peacock, etc.
  • Auto-skip teasers, trailers and support material
    PlayerFab can automatically skip teasers, trailers, and some unnecessary parts of a movie to save you time while watching.
  • Change playback speed
    To optimize your video viewing experience, PlayerFab allows you to easily adjust and fully control the playback speed according to your needs.
  • Next video autoplay
    The autoplay feature makes it easy to decide what to watch next, so you don’t have to wait for time to change.
  • Select audio and subtitle
    You can choose the sound and subtitles you want from various options for a better viewing experience.
  • New x64 version supported
    Since 64-bit systems are now widely used in laptops and desktops, PlayerFab comes with a 64-bit program that is more compatible with Windows 10/11. PlayerFab, developed in a new IDE, features fast rendering with smoother playback.
  • Completely new playback engine with support for more formats
    Equipped with a completely new playback engine, PlayerFab supports new video codecs such as AV1 and VP9. The new PlayerFab also supports high-quality video playback including 8K, 6K, 5K and various formats such as MP4, MKV, AVI and TS.
  • Create and manage your video library
    If you’ve ever been bothered by tons of movies, TV shows, and music videos stored on your local hard drive, you might find PlayerFab to be the perfect file management solution.
  • PlayerFab reads and downloads posters for all your media from the web and groups them accordingly. Clicking on each poster wall will take you to the details page, where all the metadata of the movie or TV show is properly displayed.
  • StreamFab and PlayerFab combine to create a rich library
    StreamFab All-In-One is a complete download solution for over 1000 streaming services including Amazon, Netflix, Peacock, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, and many more. Whereas PlayerFab can play downloaded videos perfectly and manage them easily with little effort. With their help, you can definitely create a content-rich video and music library.

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