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Red Giant Effects Suite 11.1.13 is a set of tools that will give you creative freedom to get professional visual effects. The collection includes the following components: Composite Wizard, Image Lounge, Holomatrix, Knoll Light Factory, PlaneSpace, Psunami, Text Anarchy, ToonIt, Warp, which are integrated into the program: Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro and Photoshop. Text Anarchy, ToonIt and Warp. Exchange Suite 11 also includes full support for Adobe Creative Cloud.

Advanced features of Red Giant Effects Suite:

  • Composite Wizard – designed for After Effects and is a tool for merging images without limits. The Composite Wizard includes more than 20 filters and helps smooth uneven edges and fuzzy masks, and balances the color system. Composite Wizard allows you to automate most of the effects of color judgments, connect borderless images without obstacles and delete unwanted artifacts using the Wire / Rig Zapper filter, Miracle AlphaCleaner and Denoiser. The Spill Killer tool removes light spots in the integrated image.
  • Red Giant Holomatrix is ​​a plug-in for After Effects that allows you to control the virtual reality created and create special effects from various complexities. This solution includes more than 30 tuned effects that turn ordinary recordings into animated holographic sci-fi animations that depict poor television signal reception and create realistic digital signals. With the help of Holomatrix, you can remake the holographic scenes from Star Wars or make actors look like the ghosts of ‘Harry Potter’. The effect is interesting to work with logos and other dynamic graphic elements. Thanks to the Holomatrix tool, you can give videos a fantastic display using various effects and modes.
  • Image Lounge is a module for After Effects, which contains more than 20 filters that allow you to convert images and create fire, smoke and water effects, giving a special style to each recording. Using Image Lounge, you can add realistic shadows, movements, color display, or use blur effects and blur the image, creating a shooting effect with a film camera. Allows you to add three-dimensional shadows to objects or text elements, and simulates the distortion of the characteristics of water, hot air, steam, and other effects. You can produce a flare of the sun, explosion, smoke, or a blazing background image. The Fractal Clouds filter applied in Image Lounge helps create clouds of any type and type, and ‘hypnotic tunnels’.
  • Knoll Light Factory is a plugin used to create lighting effects, especially glare – reflections from bright light sources, for example, from the Sun. Effects consist of highlights, glare, rainbows, reflections that can bring artistic effects and provide special entertainment images. All effects have flexible settings, and designers, creating their own effects, can arrange them by adjusting as needed. These effects can be used to create logos and other text effects.
  • Knoll Light Factory for Photoshop – Co-creator of Photoshop and Star Wars effects, Special Effects Specialist John Knoll developed Knoll Light Factory to simulate reflections from very bright light sources through the camera lens. This turned out to be one of the most popular plugins for Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. Knoll Light Factory goes far beyond the typical glare available in Photoshop, with more than 100 great presets, real-time previews, and 19 powerful tools to create your own effects!
  • PlaneSpace (formerly Digital Anarchy 3D Assistants Pro) – is a tool for managing individual levels in multi-layer effects. PlaneSpace organizes three-dimensional levels of all three-dimensional space in the required form, without the need for key frames or complex mathematics. Users can make keyframes move position or level orientation, creating truly complex objects in a three-dimensional format. The number of levels that PlaneSpace can control is limited only by processing power.
  • Psunami (formerly Digital Anarchy Psunami Water) is a plugin for After Effects, Premiere Pro, and Avid. Allows photorealistic imitation of water surface. The tsunami produced an accurate three-dimensional geometry of the surface of the sea, which is similar to real water – from the surface of calm water to waves surging in the high seas. It has around one hundred settings. Tsunami is used in many feature films, television programs and promotional videos.
  • Text Anarchy (formerly Digital Anarchy Text Anarchy) – is a plug-in for After Effects, which includes various filters to create animated text effects. The tools implemented in Text Anarchy make it possible to create text along a given curve, create animations from one character to another, and use effects with particles. Supports Latin alphabet, Cyrillic fonts and hieroglyphics.
  • ToonIt (formerly Digital Anarchy ToonIt!) – designed to provide frame effects for cartoon images or pictures taken. Helps explore images, reduce the number of colors and determine object boundaries. ToonIt recognizes faces and preserves facial features when creating effects. Four filters are included in ToonIt to help simulate various drawing techniques. ToonIt uses the unique Toonamation technology algorithm to process images and create animation effects. Relieves labor-intensive techniques such as rotoscoping and hand painting.
  • Warp – is a module for After Effects, Premiere Pro and Avid, and includes 6 powerful modules that provide comprehensive control over distorted shadows, reflections and videos. The Shadow Tool creates realistic shadows for text or objects taken on a plain background, the Reflection tool creates realistic reflections. Radium Glow, Glow Lite and Glow Edge are designed to add advanced light effects and flickering to any project. By using the Corner Pin tool, you can work with distorted images by importing data from Mocha for After Effects and adding the transformations and effects needed to achieve realism. Warp allows you to extract videos from defective sources and add them to other videos with good quality. The Radium Glow add-on was stopped due to integration into Warp.

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