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R-Wipe & Clean 20.0 Build 2252 is a program that completely removes unwanted files on your computer and protects your privacy. Examples: temporary files, history, cookies, passwords, file exchanges, list of recently opened documents. This software uses a fast and secure removal algorithm.

Advanced features of R-Wipe & Clean:


  • Confirmation and selection of information before complete deletion.
  • Total deletion of temporary Internet files.
  • Total deletion of cookies – small files stored on a computer when visiting a website to speed up subsequent impressions. However, the cookies you choose will not be affected.
  • Total removal of flash cookies – small files stored on a computer when visiting a website.
  • Total removal of Java and Microsoft VM logs.
  • Clean out auto-fill forms: usernames, passwords and other personal information left on the website, as well as keywords used in the search tools.
  • Clear search history.
  • Clean the list of documents that were most recently used.
  • Clean the list of open files.
  • Erase the contents of the Windows clipboard.
  • Total deletion of temporary files created by Windows and other programs.
  • Delete information from the system registry: list of applications running, search results, mapped network drives, mapped external devices, last public registry keys, etc.
  • Complete removal of frequently used components lists that are stored in the system registry: programs, links, and shortcuts to the Start menu, Control Panel items, selected web pages, and Internet Explorer buttons.
  • Total deletion of .dat files (including locked ones) that contain information about incorrect Windows shutdown.
  • Complete removal of offline content.
  • Removes information left on the computer from the work of more than 200 applications, including Microsoft Office applications, standard Windows applications, and a large number of other popular programs. Installed applications are detected automatically.
  • Make a list to delete information left on the computer from any application that is not currently supported by R-Wipe & Clean. The list can include the application itself and their temporary folders, files and registry keys.
  • Complete deletion of Windows swap files.
  • Total removal of shortcuts that are on your desktop, but point to objects that don’t exist.
  • Clears the Windows event log.
  • Clearing the Windows Firewall log.
  • Remove a link to open a network folder.
  • Total removal of temporary files and installer log files, removing memory files, old disk check files.
  • Complete deletion of files from the Prefetch folder.
  • Complete deletion from the list of files and folders needed for the defragmentation process.
  • Delete folder property settings in Windows Explorer.
  • Delete the description of the currently running application.
  • Total removal of installed fonts and running application shortcuts stored in cache memory.
  • Total removal of Windows Update logs.
  • Total removal of WMI, diagnostics and security center logs.
  • Total deletion of saved network passwords.
  • Total removal of additional application tabs stored in cache memory.
  • Complete deletion of saved unread email addresses.
  • Complete deletion of saved FTP folders.
  • Total deletion of the order stored from the Start menu item.
  • Complete removal of cached Windows desktop wallpapers.

Complete file deletion:

  • Support for FAT and NTFS file systems.
  • Complete file deletion using an effective and reliable algorithm, including DOD. The ability to completely delete files directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Make a list of files and folders that can be deleted at once. You can add file system objects to the list directly from Windows Explorer.
  • Total deletion of alternative data file streams.
  • Complete removal of free parts from the cluster file.

Disk Cleanup:

  • Support for FAT and NTFS file systems.
  • Clean disk space using efficient and reliable algorithms, including DOD.
  • Clearing disk space from the R-Wipe & Clean tab in the Properties item from the disk context menu.
  • Cleans multiple disk spaces at once when performing one task.
  • Total deletion of data from small files stored directly in the NTFS Master File Table.


  • Various R-Wipe & Clean tasks can be combined into one or more procedures performed manually and at certain times or during certain events in automatic mode (for example, when entering / leaving the system, activating / deactivating Windows, closing all or both browsers , etc.)
  • R-Wipe & Clean tasks can be launched from the command line.
  • Procedures set for specific times or events are carried out automatically in the background.
  • After completing the procedure, the computer can turn off automatically.

Additional features:

  • Detailed information about online and offline activities on your computer.
  • Assign a button (key combination) to quickly close the web browser.
  • Maximum Pop-up Blocker.
  • Hidden operation mode.
  • System integration: most operations can be done directly from Windows.
  • Set a password to run R-Wipe & Clean.
  • Standby Control: Your computer will not enter standby mode until R-Wipe & Clean is turned off.
  • Flexible configuration of the R-Wipe & Clean interface.
  • Startup Rename Manager utility to rename folders / files that are locked by programs or Windows. It also allows you to view and edit the file / folder list that will be renamed by other programs the next time you boot Windows.

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