Advanced SystemCare Pro Full Patch

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Advanced SystemCare Pro

Advanced SystemCare Pro is a program for which contains many modules for optimizing, tuning and improving the performance of computers based on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. This application allows you to clean your computer from spyware and adware, find and eliminate possible threats and security holes in the OS, fix errors in the system registry, clean temporary and unnecessary files, manage startup lists, and optimize PC performance.

Advanced features of Advanced SystemCare Pro:

  • Perform various jobs to achieve the best performance. A simple registry clean can’t provide a very serious speed boost. Advanced SystemCare Pro combines registry cleaning, defragmentation, system customization, broken shortcut repair, removal of personal information from temporary files, junk file removal, disk repair and optimization, and much more – everything you need to keep your computer running like new.
  • Detects and fixes more security and performance issues. Our innovative “Deep Scan” technology provides Advanced SystemCare PRO with the highest percentage of problem detection among its peers, allowing you to find the root cause of problems with your computer.
  • Easier and easier to use. You don’t have to be a professional and know a lot about computers. All you need to do is install the program, click it a few times, and your computer works like new again.
  • Recommended by many users. Advanced SystemCare Pro combines the ease of use inherited from previous versions with more advanced features. One click starts scanning and fixing dozens of different problems on your computer, and activates the machine’s protection against many hidden security threats.
  • Maintain the highest performance of your computer. Fully optimizes Windows for outstanding system performance and high Internet speeds by freeing up system power itself, depending on your PC usage and network configuration. This program turns your computer into a business machine, a productive workplace, an entertainment center, a game machine, and a scientific computing center.
  • Reliably protect the computer. Scan and analyze information security features in Windows. Detects and removes spyware and adware using up-to-date databases to prevent hackers from installing malicious applications on your computer. Delete and update your computer usage history.
  • One click fixes the 10 most common computer problems. Advanced SystemCare Pro combines the ease of use inherited from previous versions with more advanced features. With just one click, it scans and fixes the top ten PC problems and protects them from hidden security threats.
  • Real time optimization. ActiveBoost function. ActiveBoost technology runs continuously in the background and detects unused resources. Correctly redistributing system resources, this technology provides maximum efficiency in processor and memory usage.
  • More than 20 unique PC maintenance tools. Advanced SystemCare Pro includes the latest version of IObit’s Toolbox, with over 20 unique tools for daily computer maintenance and advanced needs. The Toolbox contains tools to clean, optimize, and repair your system, tools to increase system security, and tools to take complete control of your computer.
  • Cloud technology ensures timely database updates. New “cloud” technology ensures timely database updates, allowing you to get the latest settings for system configuration and malware signatures.
  • Prepare for optimal performance for work or play. Now you can choose between two Turbo Boost options – Work Mode and Game Mode. In addition, the setting of each mode is now possible on the main screen.
  • Deep cleaning and registry optimization. Completely safe registry cleaning, compression and defragmentation of the registry ensures the highest possible performance. This program finds and repairs even errors in the registry that other programs that don’t have deep scanning technology miss.
  • Automatically runs in the background. This powerful utility runs continuously in the background of your computer, without requiring any attention, completely automatically. You can manage scheduled jobs or allow you to optimize work when the computer is not busy.
  • The new user interface consumes less resources and works faster. With a new interface, Advanced SystemCare Pro starts up faster and uses less system resources.
  • New architecture and code rewritten from scratch for 32- and 64-bit systems. Repair allows your computer to run more efficiently and more stably than before, stabilizing older systems.
  • Improved “Maintenance” module with more powerful cleaning and optimization features. Improvements in the Maintenance module include features such as Startup Optimization, which scans your PC for possible problems more efficiently.
  • Powerful hard drive defragmentation. Fast, powerful and highly effective, Disk Defragmenter removes disk fragmentation up to 10x faster than comparable disk defragmenters.

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