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Xara Web Designer Premium

Xara Web Designer Premium is an industry-leading program for web design. Xara Web Designer Premium works on WYSIWYG principles and allows designers to create websites that conform to HTML standards and display correctly in any standard browser on any platform. Developers don’t need to spend time learning markup and scripting languages. The Premium Edition offers a variety of advanced features for advanced users, including web development and publishing, as well as additional graphic tools: brushes, advanced options for transparency tools, fills, adding shadows, feather tools, photo panoramas, and more.

Advanced features of Xara Web Designer Premium:

  • Consistency of style in a selected theme.
  • Adding additional pages by completely copying the current page.
  • Choose a new page design from the design gallery.
  • Clone the button bar to match the new page.
  • Tool to select color.
  • Automatic adjustment of the size of the graphic element below the entered text.
  • Smart drag and drop of graphic elements with the mouse: text panels and buttons, headers and more.
  • Automatic wrapping of any shape with text.
  • Built-in photo editor, automatic spell checker.
  • Full compliance of the page under development, loaded on the site.
  • View the finished page in the browser, upload it to the hosting site using the built-in FTP client.
  • A library of templates including titles, buttons, text boxes, dialog bubbles in various shapes and colors.
  • Create your own templates via the Xara Xtreme app.
  • Export to JPEG, PNG and GIF formats, embedding in existing and created pages.
  • Web Designer provides the ability to quickly and easily create naturalistic flash animations.
  • Export animation to .swf format or import to any page created with Web Designer.
  • Unlimited creative freedom for designers and webmasters: performance improvements, quick testing of basic functions, even draft versions.
  • Prepare an initial layout with support for all major functions within half an hour.
  • Updated NavBars elements are automatically stretched when entering text, and their modified versions are displayed on all pages of the site.
  • Better image display in slideshow mode.
  • The ability to drag and drop multiple images at once comes in handy when populating a web gallery.
  • Modern tools for working with text make it easy to add numbered lists and bulleted lists to pages, and help you “wrap” graphics and images with text.
  • Images and graphics can now be fixed in one place and will scroll along with the text.
  • Simplified MP4 video download mechanism and built-in video player.
  • Support for pages with smooth corners.
  • Improved mechanism for inserting HTML code snippets.
  • Simplified procedure for adding links to external files such as PDF and Word documents.
  • Automatic backup and save open documents when you exit the application.
  • Access to free web hosting services directly from the application interface.

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