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FTPGetter Professional is a program for FTP/SFTP clients that allows you to easily upload and download files to personal websites. It has a user-friendly interface and contains intuitive options that should be useful for all types of users. This includes automated tasks and email notifications.

Advanced features of FTPGetter Professional:


  • Multithreaded processing – work simultaneously with multiple servers
  • Multiple file uploads and downloads using file masks
  • Use of multiple mask files for multithreaded processing: support for wildcard symbols * and ?, mask types [a-z]???-[^0-9].txt
  • Upload and download individual files with the possibility of saving with a new name on the destination side
  • Possibility of comparison of files based on their MD5 hash, date and time of modification or size. Upload and download only new or modified files
  • Processing of files in subfolders of each nested level. Reconstruction of subfolder structure on destination side
  • Possibility of selecting the transfer type – binary, ASCII or automatic detection by file extension
  • Set permissions (chmod) to files after successful upload
  • Possibility of deleting source files after successful processing of tasks
  • Filename case conversion for successfully processed files
  • Individual built-in scheduler for each profile
  • “Process immediately” – immediately (without taking into account Scheduler settings) processes the task from the selected profile.

Protocols, proxy servers and security:

  • FTP and secure FTP protocol support (SSL/TLS)
  • Support explicit (AUTH SSL) and implicit (port 990) access to secure ftp servers
  • Use of shared keys (username and password), PKCS12 keys, PEM or ANS1 DER client certificates for authentication on secure ftp servers
  • Independent settings for bandwidth restrictions for upload and download tasks for each profile
  • Support FTP, SOCKS, and HTTP proxy servers (CONNECT method). It is possible to customize separate proxy settings for each profile
  • Individual log file settings for each profile.

Built-in FTP explorer:

  • Convenient server navigation
  • Bookmarks for quick jumps to the server directory
  • Command line for execution of commands on the server
  • Preview file properties on the server
  • Change of permissions for files on the server (chmod)
  • Context menu for creating, renaming, and deleting files and folders on the server
  • Upload and download files and folders using Drag-and-Drop technology or context menus
  • Built-in text editor (beta).

Other features:

  • Visual and audible notification of successful task performance
  • Possibility of running as a Windows service
  • Works in background mode
  • “Invisible” mode – no icons in the system tray and buttons on the taskbar
  • User-friendly multi-language interface.

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